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How to perform stress test for Raspberry Pi on Ubuntu

2021-06-03 2 min read development linux

Some time ago, I wondered how to perform a stress test on my Raspberry Pi and see stats in real-time on the graphs. Most popular results in Google contained bash script with plain text output. Some of the scripts did not work because of a missed package for Raspberry. Thankfully for my friend, I found a tool named s-tui.

This blog post describes how easily perform a stress test on Raspberry Pi 4 with s-tui. By default, it works as a monitor. To run a stress test in s-tui, we need to install the stress package. In that case, it will show us graphs with CPU load and CPU temperature under the stress test.

Let’s get started.

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How to install Docker and Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi 4

2021-06-02 1 min read development Docker
This blog post describes how to install Docker and docker-compose on Raspberry Pi 4. In short, to install docker and docker-compose we need to make sure that our system is up to date, install required dependencies, and install docker with docker-compose. Also, we can add our user to the docker group to run docker without sudo. Make sure system is up to date sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y Install required dependencies sudo apt install python3 python3-pip libffi-dev libssl-dev -y Install Docker curl -sSL https://get. Continue reading

Methods and Interfaces in Go

2020-04-30 4 min read development Go Alexey Bogdanov

This post is a small cheatsheet for Methods and Interfaces in Go. Here I provide main features and describe what methods, interfaces, pointer receiver and value receiver are.

There are no detailed explanations or tricky examples about how to use them. For such content please see other resources.

At the end of the page, there is a small list of useful links to read

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