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Backup Docker Volumes to the NAS

2023-06-13 2 min read Docker Backups
This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a backup solution for your Docker volumes using an NFS shared folder on a Synology NAS. We will cover the steps from preparing the NFS shared folder to configuring a cron task for automated backups. Prepare the NFS Shared Folder on the Synology Open the Control Panel of your Synology NAS. Navigate to Shared Folder and click on Create. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Proxmox Installation Issues: Fixing Black Screen Problem

2023-05-20 2 min read Home Lab


Encountering difficulties during the installation process can be frustrating, especially when you’re eager to set up your Proxmox server. One common issue is a black screen that appears after initiating the installation. In this blog post, I’ll share two effective solutions to help you overcome this problem specifically when using a 4K monitor and an older graphics card. Follow these steps in order, starting with the first solution. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, proceed to the second solution.

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How to perform stress test for Raspberry Pi on Ubuntu

2021-06-03 2 min read Raspberry Pi Linux

Some time ago, I wondered how to perform a stress test on my Raspberry Pi and see stats in real-time on the graphs. Most popular results in Google contained bash script with plain text output. Some of the scripts did not work because of a missed package for Raspberry. Thankfully for my friend, I found a tool named s-tui.

This blog post describes how easily perform a stress test on Raspberry Pi 4 with s-tui. By default, it works as a monitor. To run a stress test in s-tui, we need to install the stress package. In that case, it will show us graphs with CPU load and CPU temperature under the stress test.

Let’s get started.

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