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How to install Maven on Windows 10

Maven is build tool primary for Java projects. In this tutorial I will describe how to install maven on Windows 10 operating system. Download and install Java To use maven we need to install Java first. If maven is used for Java projects java jdk should be installed, otherwise jre would be enough. Jdk or Jre could be found here. Download maven After Java (jre or jdk) is installed we need to download Apache Maven from official web site https://maven. Continue reading

How to install maven on OpenSUSE

By default OpenSUSE Linux distribution doesn’t have Maven into its repositories because of tons of dependencies which needed for Maven. But in spite of this Maven installation is straightforward in OpenSUSE. In this tutorial I will show how to install Maven from its official web site. First of all we need to download Maven from the official web site. There 2 types of archives there: tar.gz and zip. In this tutorial we will install Maven from the tar. Continue reading