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How to change font size in Skype for Linux

2018-12-20 1 min read linux Alexey Bogdanov

Skype for Linux doesn’t scale fonts well on monitor with high DPI out of the box. Below I provide 2 solutions how to increase font size.

Increase Electron’s fonts

Because Skype for Linux uses Electron under the hood, which is just a web browser, we can increase font by using Ctrl + Shift + =. Or via menu:

Using such approach menu will still have a small font.

Scale Skype window

Another approach is to scale the whole Skype window. To do so, we need modify a little bit a startup script for Skype.

  1. Open file sudo vim /usr/bin/skypeforlinux
  2. Add scale factor --force-device-scale-factor=1.3

Updated file should look like:

The force-device-scale-factor can be set to any comfortable values, according to monitor’s specs and system scaling.

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