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How to Enable Nvidia CUDA for Davinci Resolve on Linux

2019-08-27 1 min read linux Video Editor Davinci Resolve

This post describes how to fix the error No OpenCL Hardware Acceleration Detected on Linux.

First of all make sure that latest NVidia drivers, nvidia-modules, nvidia-kernels are installed for the latest driver version.

For Ubuntu 19.04, nvidia 418 drivers and linux kernel 5.0.0-25 the terminal command will look like:

sudo apt install nvidia-kernel-common-418 nvidia-dkms-418 linux-modules-nvidia-418-5.0.0-25-generic 

Install NVidia Cuda toolkit

To install nvidia cuda toolkit use the following:

sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

Do Logout after successfull toolkit installation.

Verify Davinci can use CUDA

  1. Open Davinci Resolve and go to Menu Davinci Resolve -> Preferences. Window with configuration should appear.
  • Select Memory and CPU on the left side and go to GPU Configuration section.
  • Change GPU processing mode from Auto to CUDA
  • Change GPU selection mode from Auto to Manual
  • Verify your NVidia driver is present into GPU scopes

That’s it.

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