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Java: Ambitious method call

Ambicious method call error occurs when Java compiler doesn’t know which of the overloaded method to call. Let’s assume that we have the following overloaded methods: first method accepts the String parameter and prints it. The second method accepts Integer parameter and also prints it.

public void print(String param) {
    System.out.println("Printing parameter + "param" + " as String");


public void print(Integer param) {
    System.out.println("Printing parameter + " + param  + " as Integer");

Calling one of the methods into the following way print(null) will attempt to the error like this:

Error:(16, 17) java: reference to print is ambiguous
  both method print(java.lang.String) in MainApp and method print(java.lang.Integer) in MainApp match

Such error occurs because null is a special reference type in Java. To escape such error we need to cast null either to String or to Integer:


Here we’re casting null to String. As a result the method with String input parameter will be called and the following message will be printed on console:

Printing parameter null as String
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